LOVE FIRST — With profound respect for all people, especially those who are suffering, Jubilee Ministries embraces every person on day one, in the midst of their struggle with love, mercy, and hope and with resources to help build a stable environment. Our motto is #LOVINGORNOTHING, which means we are ALL IN and we put love first, knowing that. “Three things will last forever: faith, hope and love — and the greatest of these is love.” (1 Cor 13:13)
We are a transformational urban ministry in North St. Louis, founded on the inspired Word of God and the saving grace of Jesus Christ, compelled by love, and leading a regional movement to restore the broken and renew the suffering in mind, body, and spirit with the intention of creating a safe space to worship God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
We recognize the impact that multigenerational chronic pain, due to poverty, addiction, mental illness, systemic racism, homelessness, violence and other trauma, has had on our community. Mobilized by our faith in God and by our love for others, we say #LOVINGORNOTHING, which means we are ALL IN and put love first in terms of responding to this crisis and creating transformative opportunities for our neighbors in need.
We facilitate a holistic approach to recovery and restoration of the human person, one that begins with addiction recovery, followed by recovery support (including housing and nutrition) as well as job training and job placement. We believe that creating a safe passage for healing within the individual, within the church, and within the greater community serves to empower the individual to thrive in society and worship God in greater freedom.