ARCA was founded in 2001, by Percy Menzies, they are a behavioral health organization providing a full continuum of integrated medical and behavioral treatment services to adult patients with substance use and other behavioral disorders.
ARCA provides exceptional care to assist persons affected by substance use and other behavioral disorders to progress from treatment to recovery to flourishing. ARCA’s programs and facilities provide a continuum of treatment services including comprehensive assessment, medical assisted treatment (including medical detoxification and stabilization on anti-craving medications), and psychiatric services for co-occurring disorders (including but not limited to; anxiety, depressive disorders, sleep disorders, bi-polar and other psychotic disorders, and trauma).
Dr. Bryan Moore, senior pastor and Dr. Percy Menzies, Founder of ARCA
Our ministry is a life-changing experiential process that begins with support for addiction recovery. Through our partnership with ARCA (Assisted Recovery Centers of America), we have helped more than a thousand people with treatment and we are proud to say we are working to cut the overdose rate in half in our region.